Catching Up. Again.

Nine days since my last blog post.

I blame Spring Cleaning and Easter.

This year our family celebrated Easter on Saturday because my oldest son had to work the holiday. He’s single and they pay him double time-and-a-half. He usually works holidays so that a co-worker with kiddos can have the day off. I raised a gem, yes I did.

A few months before Easter my middle son declared “I better get a feckin’ ham for a holiday this year!!” Apparently I didn’t cook a ham for any holidays in 2018. He wanted his mama to bake ham. So I did. I also decided that I wanted to smoke a brisket because it’s officially BBQ season.


Last summer we gifted ourselves with a Traeger wood pellet grill/smoker. J is originally from Kansas City, Kansas and misses the barbecue. Because I love him and love to cook I decided to learn how to smoke everything. My first brisket of last season was a hit. Everything on the Traeger was a hit.

The RTD temperature sensor experienced an untimely death so we ordered a new one from Traeger because the grill is under warranty. Both J and I were SO excited when we fired it up for the first time this month. The smell of mesquite is the best thing ever! Once I get the mesquite in my blood all I want to do is grill and smoke food. So I decided to add brisket to the Easter menu. My youngest decided to add a third protein to the meal and purchased two pounds of extra large shrimp.

We rounded all of that out with smoked macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli, baked-battered asparagus, deviled eggs and for dessert… CHEESECAKE.

Of course no family get-together is complete without a round of gaming. J pulled out our latest purchase for the game vault: Trivial Pursuit 40th Anniversary Edition. I won. Actually I had the most wedges when we called it so they declared me the winner. Next time we’ll team up to make the game play a bit faster. We played as individuals for our first time.

Trivial Pursuit has always been a favorite of ours. Well mine and J that is. The kids, not so much because they felt we had an advantage due to age. The Ruby Edition however spans 1979-2018 in all categories. We enjoyed it a lot.

Image from Amazon. Copyright Hasbro

Image from Amazon. Copyright Hasbro

You can pick up the Ruby Edition of Trivial Pursuit for $25 right now on Amazon. Just click the image above.

It was a relaxing holiday spent just the way we like. Conversation, good food, goofing with the grandnuggets and playing games. Life doesn’t get any better.