Fly Eagles FLy!

The Philadelphia Eagles stone/paver/brick is finished and ready to be sealed. This one taught me a lot and that’s always a good thing because it helps me improve. The logo design, while awesome, was truly a pain in the arse to paint on concrete. This however will be amazing to paint tile and wood. And I hope to start creating wood plaques and signs in the next few months.

eagles brick.jpg

I’m really happy with the way the eagle turned out on this one so I’ll continue to paint that but I’m going to change the lettering to a looser calligraphy style. Mod Podge might also help if I put a couple layers of it to create a smoother surface. I think I have some in the supplies closet so I’ll have to dig it out and give it a whirl. But I’m moving on from this one and once it’s sealed it will head to its new home.

Feeling the urge to paint some sunflowers so watch this space!

Yay! It's Friday

When I last wrote we were prepping for our annual 4th of July BBQ which went off without a hitch. Everyone said they had a wonderful time. I know J and I sure did but we were also exhausted for three days after. I tried a new marinade for the chicken that got rave reviews. Potato salad was attempted - it’s my BBQ nemesis - and while the flavor was there the potatoes were a tad under-cooked. The first 5lbs of taters was over-cooked so I sent a text to my son and had him pick up more. for a second attempt. I tested three pieces and my husband tested two more and WE thought they were cooked enough. The flavor profile was spot on so it’s just between me and those taters at this point. I will not be defeated by potato salad. By the time our BBQ rolls around next year I’ll be able to make PERFECT potato salad.

Painting more brick edging has kept me busy this past week. Guys, I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this. We have an abundance of the scalloped edging so of course that’s what I’ve been painting. I do want to get to some 12” x 12” concrete pavers as well as regular straight bricks.

Since I made the decision to return to Facebook I also set up a Facebook page to showcase my painting endeavors. Apparently you can also sell directly from Facebook and there was a very brief moment when I considered this option. That passed thankfully. I still don’t trust Facebook and I’m there reluctantly because I treasure my family and friends. Right now I’m happily painting the ideas that come to me or are inspired by items I’ve found on Pinterest. Today I got a request for painted brick bookends which brought me back to the idea of selling my items. When I begin to paint seasonal and holiday items I’ll be opening a shop here on my website in case folks would like to buy them. I’ll update here on the blog and on the Facebook page when I bring the shop online.

J asked if I thought about painting on something other than concrete, rocks and bricks. He’s thinking about pinking up wood planks and cutting them down to create wood plagues to paint. I’m definitely down for that and already have several projects I want to paint for our home and yard. And honestly I think painting on smooth wood would be a welcomed change from the bumpy surface of the pavers and bricks. Of course I’ve also considered pouring my own concrete to create stepping stones with more than just paint. I love the idea of creating mosaic stepping stones.

When I get an idea I run with it like a kid dragging a kite behind her. We’ll see if it takes flight.

Have a great weekend!


Bet Paints Bricks and Pavers

Decorative painting has risen to the number two position on my list of favorite creative outlets. Photography will always be number one of course. Last year I started painting rocks and it’s something I enjoy. The rocks that weren’t given to family or family are displayed on our fence. While lingering on Pinterest for inspiration I saw decorated bricks and concrete pavers. With a nice pile of brick edging stacked out back and a quick trip to Home Depot I was off and running with my paintbrushes.

©2019 Just Call Me Bet. All rights reserved.

©2019 Just Call Me Bet. All rights reserved.

©2019 Just Call Me Bet. All rights reserved.

©2019 Just Call Me Bet. All rights reserved.

The 12x12 paver was the first to get painted. I just wanted to paint some bright flowers on a black background to place outside in my yard. But what I really love painting is the brick edging. There are so many fun ideas formulating in my head for the summer, holidays and hometown pride. I can’t wait to sling paint on the rest of the bricks!

©2019 Just Call Me Bet. All rights reserved.

©2019 Just Call Me Bet. All rights reserved.

Catching Up Again

The month of May is always busy because of yard work and opening the pool. We didn't have it open for Memorial Day opting to wait a few days for the water to warm up a bit more. But by June 1 the grandnuggets were swimming. My son sent a text on Friday the 31st:

Mom, can we bring the boys over on Saturday to swim? Nugget 2 (his name here on the blog) keeps saying, "Call Grandma and ask if the pool is open. Call Grandma! Daddy, give me Grandma's number... I'll call."

The next day they rolled in, hugged and kissed me and Papa J on their way out to the pool.


All caught up.

It's the wee hours of a Saturday morning and sleep eludes me again. Perhaps if I put this post to bed I'll be able to fall asleep myself.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Staycation is officially over and it’s sad that J has to go back to work but we still haven’t won the lottery.

With most of our Spring cleaning and re-organizing finished it’s easier to slip into a totally creative day. I had wanted to work on my next macrame project today, a runner for the TV console, but I had to wait for Amazon to deliver my cotton rope. So I did the little bit of housework I needed to do then grabbed the sketchbook. It’s time to get back into the routine of working in the sketchbook each day.


This is still a work in progress with just a few areas that need to be finished. It’s very relaxing to work on these. I spent several hours just inking and stippling this little print. Not sure what I’ll doodle tomorrow.

I whipped up a few rocks on Thursday evening. The images aren’t the best because I took them quickly with my phone. I’ll have to take new photos with my Nikon and add them to the gallery.

Don’t really have a lot to type today but I wanted to settle into a routine of adding posts several times a week. Will definitely be adding more here on a regular basis.

Learning to Macrame

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve made the time to sit down and write for the blog. My plate is full when it comes to projects and I keep coming up with more ideas. Add to that the arrival of Spring and blogging seems to drop very low on the priority list.

Spring means yard work and the continuation of outdoor projects as well as the start of new ones. In nine weeks we open the pool and we’re hoping to have the patio completed by Memorial Day. Our minds are on our pool paradise and getting everything ready. It’s where we spend the majority of our time from May until the end of September. We’re happy homebodies.

On the creative home front I’ve taken up macrame and I absolutely adore it! Using yarn I practiced basic knots that I learned watching YouTube videos. It’s relaxing and that’s something I didn’t count on when I started. After falling in love with it I ordered a spool of 3mm cotton macrame rope from Amazon. Even though I’m a beginner I want to make things that we’ll use instead of making things that will pile up in the crafts closet. So I made a simple runner.

macrame runner 2.jpg
macrame runner 3.jpg

It’s wonky in areas but both J and I love it. Still had rope left so I made a little mat for our end table.


I’m absolutely hooked on macrame. Decided to order some more cording so that I can make an additional runner in the same pattern as the end table mat. The first runner has been shifted to the sofa table and it looks great there with photos and a Woodwick candle displayed on top. Josh and Brit got me two Woodwick candles for Christmas and I love them so much!

There are a couple books on Amazon that have lovely patterns and I’m considering ordering them. It’s hard to pull the trigger on “How To” books when there are so many wonderful video tutorials on YouTube! The books would be nice when I don’t want to sit in front of the computer or iPad while trying to learn. My screen time has gone down immensely because I just have so many artistic/crafty things on my list.