Borderlands 2

Dauntless & New Borderlands 2 DLC by BETAkanim

Dauntless dropped on May 21st but we didn’t get started with the game until Memorial Day weekend. We’ve been playing it every day since. In fact I’d wager we’ve racked up over 70 hours so far. It might be slightly more. We’re a tad obsessed. I keep reading that if you enjoy Dauntless you’ll love Monster Hunter. Perhaps Monster Hunter offers more depth but Dauntless is free to play and they’re store offers cosmetic items that are fairly priced. We dropped money on the Elite Hunt Pass and a few cosmetic items so far.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.26 -

The only thing that has stopped our progression in Dauntless is the new DLC “Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary” for Borderlands 2. There were rumors that Borderlands would drop DLC between the announcement of Borderlands 3 and it’s release in September. Sure enough the DLC was announced as E3 kicked off. We immediately downloaded it and started playing because Borderlands is our favorite co-op game EVER!!

Borderlands 2 Screenshot 2019.06.09 -
Borderlands 2 Screenshot 2019.06.09 -

As for Dauntless I’m doing Dire Patrols and trying Heroic Patrols but for the past few days every rando group I’ve joined for heroics has failed. I just can’t seem to find a group that can work well enough together to kill the behemoth. Unfortunately I’m slightly under-geared with a 445 weapon and 425 armor. Maybe everyone else is under-geared as well? I do know that the hunts are supposed to be random behemoths but we always got Gnasher. Every stinking hunt was Gnasher. With all of the behemoths to choose from you’d think that I’d encounter different monsters right? Not sure what’s up with the matchmaking in that regard.

I like the game so I’ll continue to play and support it.

Update 06.13.19

It’s taken me a few days to write this blog post. In that time J & I completed the main mission line for the Borderlands 2 DLC. We hit level 75 and intend to rerun other DLC to level to 80, which is the new max level.

We also dig our new effervescent runner skins! I mean seriously how awesome are they? Rainbow sparkles for EVERYONE!!.

Borderlands 2 Screenshot 2019.06.12 -

72 and Legendary by BETAkanim

We finally finished our third play-through of Borderlands 2 on Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and hit level 72. That’s the current max level in the game. Now we’re going through all of the DLC along with doing farm runs for Legendary weapons.

Borderlands 2 Screenshot 2019.04.09 -
Borderlands 2 Screenshot 2019.04.09 -
Borderlands 2 Screenshot 2019.05.15 -

It’s nice to have a game that we play together. We spend time gaming solo but playing together has always been something we’ve loved because it’s how we met.

Season 17 in Diablo 3 recently started so I may spend some time playing that on my own. Who knows when Blizzard will ever release a Diablo 4. I’m not holding my breath.