Updating Galleries / by BETAkanim

painted rocks Betakanim 1w.jpg

Spent a good chunk of today updating the gallery for my painted rocks/stones. Late Saturday morning the skies cleared and the sun showed up for a bit so I grabbed the can of gloss coat and started spraying. After they were dry I took new photos which are now in the gallery. I’m always torn when it comes to backdrop color for my rocks. Looking at the photo above They might have popped better with the black table as the background. But since I went with my white reflective table instead. Perhaps I’ll photograph all future rocks on the black background. These are going on display in the pool area once we’ve finished adding river rocks to a few areas.

Tomorrow I plan to pull all my chainmaille out and photograph it for a gallery. Right now I’m using up the remainder of the anodized aluminum jump rings I have and then plan to switch over to Titanium.