Love of Reading

In the past 14 weeks I’ve read 15 books.

My husband, an avid reader himself, is pretty impressed. He reads the same collection of books that he’s owned for 20 years. I’m currently rediscovering my love of reading and finding out what genres I really enjoy. When I was a teenager and into my early 20s I read romance novels. That’s because I could borrow books from my sister-in-law who was also a voracious reader. During the Dark Ages aka my previous marriage, I read very little. Thankfully that marriage ended and a few years later I met J who introduced me to fantasy novels beyond Tolkien.

In 2018 I dusted off my Goodreads acct and my Kindle in an effort to spend less time online and more time reading. Kindle books are often really inexpensive which makes it easy to pick up a few titles to read. Since I’m a huge fan of Investigation Discovery so I decided to buy a few crime novels. I found the “Detective Erika Foster” series by Robert Bryndza and fell in love with all the characters in the first book, “The Girl in the Ice”. Bryndza decided to take a break from writing for this series to explore an idea for a new character. His new book “Nine Elms-Kate Marshall Book1” is available for pre-order. Of course I’ve pre-ordered and can’t wait to read it in November when it’s published.

Once you find an author Goodreads and Kindle are wonderful about making suggestions for more authors and books. That’s how I found the DI Kim Stone series by Angela Marsons.

Several weeks ago I veered off the crime novel path and took a leap of faith with a few new books I found through Kindle Unlimited.

Beneath a Scarlet Sky - Mark T. Sullivan

The Ragged Edge of Night

The Victory Garden - Rhys Bowen

In Farleigh Field - Rhys Bowen

The Tuscan Child - Rhys Bowen

And “Where the Forest Meets the Stars” by Glendy Vanderah. This is Ms. Venderah’s first novel and I SO hope she continues to write more. I’ve never written a book review but I should probably learn how to write one properly. In the meantime all I can say is that this is a beautifully and thoughtfully written story about the lives of three survivors who come together and teach each other about love, forgiveness, healing and family. I don’t normally read contemporary fiction but the ratings for the book were amazing and it was available to read for free through Kindle Unlimited. i’ll be purchasing it to add to my personal library because it’s just outstanding.

Last night I started yet another book and after only a couple chapters in, I’m in love with it. I feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful stories available to me. Reading brings comfort and joy into my life and transports me to different places, times and even worlds. With that said I’m off to continue reading my latest find…