Another Sunday

Slight changes here on the site.

Changed the domain from to I’ve struggled with finding the right domain name. In the world of gaming, and Twitter I have been known as Nimnee. Whatever game I play has a character named Nim or Nimnee. Using the previous domain worked because of that. But when it comes to sharing my photography, drawings, painted creations and more I’m not known as Nim. On this side of the monitor I’m just Bet. Wife, mama, grandmother and small town gal. Bet also known as Nim. New domain and peace in my little creative heart. I’ll be updating my Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Smugmug accounts to reflect the changes.

We planned to do a bit of shopping and yard work today. That was the plan right up until the mower wouldn’t start. Thank goodness Frikkles, my middle son, is mechanically inclined. The other two are not and neither is dear husband. Off we went to Walmart for a spark plug and then food shopping. When we got back my boy met up with us and in 10 minutes had it purring like it was brand new. The mower is only 4 years old so neither of us wanted to buy a new one.

Once the yard was looking like a manicured yard again we fired up the smoker and grilled steaks, corn and potatoes. Grilling/smoking season is our favorite time of year. I could have smoked meats through winter but our Traeger had an issue with the RTD temperature sensor that sits inside the grill. We finally got around to ordering one from Amazon (trying to order one from Traeger was a nightmare and a story I’ll share another day) and installed it today.

Turned on the smoker and BAM, temp went to 400° without a problem. Last year we couldn’t use it above the 300° setting because it would spit out the “errH” code. The sensor was telling the grill it was too hut and shutting the process down. It made grilling and at times smoking a real pain in the arse. But all is well and I’m picking up a brisket this week to smoke for Easter!

Tonight was Game of Thrones night. Episode 1 of season 8, the final season aired. And as usual we sat for an hour with our jaws on the floor. There was quite a bit of humorous moments in the episode that got us laughing. This season is going to be phenomenal.

I’m just hoping that Cersei isn’t the lone survivor when all is said and done.