With nearly six decades on this lovely planet I’ve learned a few things about myself, found true love and raised a trio of pretty fantastic sons but of course I’m biased. I’ve been blogging for nearly 20 years on numerous platforms under equally numerous names. I got started as the “Bohoemian Hippy” on a small diary site.

In all those years I’ve watched blogs become hot commodities allowing the owners to earn a bit of coin from their endeavors. Making money is good but I miss the personal interaction between writer and audience. Everyone today is focused on creating content that will drive traffic to their site by jumping through SEO hoops. Once you arrive you’re bombarded with ads, pop-ups asking you to sign up for a newsletter or volunteer your email address. There are ads in the header, footer, sidebar and after every paragraph. How do folks look at this and NOT find it annoying? There are many blogs-turned-websites that I no longer visit because the personal touch is missing, replaced by the need to gain ad revenue.

That’s not what I’m about here. My blog, this new reiteration of previous blogs, is for me to share what I love, what I ruminate about and all things family. Maybe along the way I’ll find an audience that has also grown tired of all the ads, pop-ups and lack of personal touch.


I’m a fan of lists. There are lists in my diary, on my phone, hanging on the fridge, scrawled on the chalkboard and tucked into cookbooks. Lists are my friends so I’m going to tell 10 things about me with a list. As for the rest, well that’s what the blog is for right?

  1. I’m a Jersey girl. Born and raised in south Jersey, I moved away when I got married but returned to raise my kiddos after the divorce.

  2. Married mama of three and grandma of two.

  3. Kansas City Chiefs fan. Even though I live in Philadelphia Eagle territory the CHIEFS are my team.

  4. Photographer. Until 2014 I was a full time lifestyle & wedding photographer. Now, I shoot for me.

  5. I’m chronically creative: knitting, crochet, painting, making jewelry, macrame, stamped metal and any craft that piques my interest.

  6. Would wear flip-flops 365 days a year if Jersey weather permitted.

  7. Video game and tabletop gaming enthusiast. Our family has regular game nights and we also play video games together. Smashing pixels bonds us. We’re also fans of Dungeons & Dragons 5e and my hubby is DMing our current campaign.

  8. Voracious reader. I love police procedurals, historical fiction and biographies.

  9. Collector of movies. We love watching movies, talking about the making of movies, soundtracks, cinematography, set design, costuming, make-up…. we can’t get enough!

  10. Adopted. In 2015 thanks to a DNA test from Ancestry, I was able to discover the family history of my biological mother. Sadly she passed away in 2002 so I was unable to contact her but I’m not sure I would have done that. Hoping one day to find a link via genealogy to the history of my biological father.